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Welcome to SLMPrep

Our goal is to encourage academic success through individualized one-on-one tutoring sessions. We focus on providing learning engagement and motivation based in collaborative mentorship.

SLM Prep -Science. Linguistics. Mathematics.

Virtual Learning

Why SLMPrep?

While every curriculum is the same, we understand that not every student is. We personalize our tutoring sessions to student needs, learning styles, and future career preferences—every student has strengths and weaknesses, and we use their strengths to enhance their weaknesses.


Our tutors are experienced professionals who aim to provide the best experience for our students. They are trained to maximaize engagement, from Junior Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12, and ensure that tutees understand rather than memorize information. We prioritize healthy study habits and techniques, including transferrable skills such as critical thinking, time-management, and organization.
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Essay Editing

From essays to lab reports, our team of expert editors are ready to help. We offer holistic editing, meaning that we look at spelling and grammar, while also editing for structure, flow, content and style. Essay editing is applicable to both IB and AP programs, as we have successful graduates from both specialized programs. 

International Baccalaureate

Our tutors offer specialized sessions for IB students. We make sure to match students with tutors who are graduates of this program when possible. However, IB subjects offered are limited to: Biology, Economics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, English, French, Spanish and Environmental Sciences. Both Higher and Standard Level courses are available.

Let’s learn together

At SLM Prep we make sure to prioritize our students’ learning experience. We aim to improve all aspects of student learning, to help foster thoughtfulness, creativity, and engagement in our community.

Chat with Sarah

Send me a quick email, and we can chat about your situation and come up with a plan that’s best for you. We want to get to know you!



Select a Tutor

Not only are our tutors qualified to teach, but they act as mentors to our students. We match tutors based on these considerations as well! 



Choose a Schedule

We know how busy students are, so we do our best to accommodate your schedule. Just let us know when you’re available!

Get Started Today!

Getting a tutor shouldn’t be complicated. We’ve made the process quick and easy, so you can be on your way to enjoying learning right away.

Our Mission

SLM Prep prioritizes understanding and enjoyment of the overall learning experience. From students to parents, we aim to provide a positive experience and plenty of lasting skills!

What Students & Parents are saying …

Very happy to have “found” Sarah.  She is a wonderful and knowledgeable tutor.  Level 1 was a challenging year for my son, with increased academic expectations and being a transition year to high school.  Sarah provided much needed help, study/exam tips and strategies, as only one who has gone through the same experience can.  Sarah continues to provide tailored tutoring for my son during the summer months and I expect, for the coming years.

May Powell


Sarah was great support for both Sophie (Level I) and Olivia (Grade 6) in both Maths and Sciences.  She was very patient and took the time to understand the different learning styles the girls had.  She provided not only academic support but also moral support in helping them through their lack of confidence at times and also nerves before tests.  She created a very safe and trusting environment for them to learn with her which was so critical in their success.  And most importantly, they had fun with Sarah.  And even now, that Olivia needs additional support in Maths, the first person she requested was Sarah.

(Mr.) Kelly Lam

Vice President of Marketing, Miele

Sarah has provided exceptional tutoring sessions to both of my kids in a very professional way. Her lessons were engaging and useful ; my kids were able to enjoy their sessions while learning. She is very patient and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for tutoring.



No regrets! Being able to score a 7 on my Written Task for English class was amazing! Sarah was able to give in-depth critics. With how cheap it is, I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised! English isn’t my forte, since it’s not my first language, but Sarah managed to make my writing sound the best it ever did! Thank you so much!

S. Exshaw

IB Student


While our tutoring sessions are personalized based on student needs, they are also focused on cultivating specific skill-sets based on these needs and the students’ age. We offer a large range of age-specific tutoring as outlined below.

For every step of the way

Critical Thinking

JK - Grade 3

Kindergarten is an important educational milestone. Students will learn how to read, and begin learning the basics of math and problem solving. It is never too early to develop critical thinking skills! Our services for younger students are much less subject-specific, but can still be separated into three categories: linguistics, math, and developmental skills.

Study Skills

Grades 4 - 8

Navigating middle school academics can be very challenging. Our tutors specialize in multiple subject areas, emphasizing healthy study habits. Options include: Science (biology, chemistry, physics), math, French, English, history, geography, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, civics. We can also offer study skill sessions, to work on organization, prioritization, and time management skills.

Individual Subjects

Grades 9 - 12

High school students are tutored in order to maximize their results, as well as continuing to develop healthy study skills to use in university. The array of subjects offered is a very long list, including but not limited to: economics, chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, advanced functions, statistics, English and French. For any course not mentioned above, please add a note when booking your times.

Test Prep

International Baccalaureate

Our tutors do offer specialized sessions for IB students. We make sure to match students with tutors who are graduates of this program. However, IB subjects offered are limited to: Biology, Economics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, English, French, and Spanish. Both Higher and Standard Level courses are available, and IA editing as well.

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